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Activity 1. Study the experience of other EU Member States and prepare an analysis – Desk Research

The purpose of the activity is to explore new practices, models, approaches for the inclusion of people with disabilities in the working environment and to provide a set of measures and techniques for encouraging employers to retain and hire new persons with disabilities. Preventive approaches to the types of occupational disabilities and methods of educating employers should be explored.

In Bulgaria, employment in traditionally risky economic sectors is higher than in EU countries. Occupational diseases and disabilities are mainly considered medically, although ten years ago the country adopted and introduced a new list of occupational diseases. The neglect of the topic by the heads of the companies brings new disabled people out of the labor market. People with disabilities are one of the most discriminated groups in employment. Employers’ attitudes are stigmatizing and, despite the lack of skilled workers in some industries, people with disabilities are highly neglected as a possible workforce. Different perspectives need to be summarized in order to reach growth-seeking employers and a more inclusive labor market in Bulgaria to propose pan-European successful measures and solutions.

The activity has the task of exploring the experience and working methods of EU countries, preparing an analysis of the approaches and good practices used. Information will be collected on current programs, methodologies and policies aimed at enhancing employers’ motivation to retain employment for disabled persons and employment; measures to stimulate and promote employment among people with disabilities; for informing and changing employers’ attitudes about the importance of social responsibility and the benefits of hiring a disabled person, for the active participation of all stakeholders in the social development of the country. The data from the conducted research and research will be formulated in a report and analysis to the activity and will serve as a basis for creating social innovation and its pilot implementation. The preliminary analysis should be able to identify the problems and prospects for the development of employment of people with disabilities, taking into account the interrelation of three factors – the labor market resource situation and employers’ attitudes, state policies and incentives and the development of human resources – employability the labor market of people with disabilities.

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