Activity 5. Dissemination of the introduced model and achieved results

In today’s world, requirements for businesses and employers are changing. The expectation for them is to be socially responsible in the management and in investing in quality working conditions for the persons employed in the enterprises.

Bulgaria formulates its national targets for the implementation of the Europe 2020 strategy: at least 76% of the population between the ages of 20 and 64 be in employment by 2020 and reducing the number of people in poverty. Achieving these goals is fundamental to the vision and strategy of the HRD OP and the current project. The realization of such ambitious goals is possible if the working innovative ideas and good practices do not remain closed within the knowledge of an organization.

The procedure enables the applicant organization to study, transfer and adapt the experience of one of the most successful EU Member States – Belgium – in their social programs. Everything that is achieved in the project, such as ideas, knowledge, know-how, innovative practices developed and implemented, must be disseminated and made available for maximum use by stakeholders.

The added value of a social innovation prototyped and implemented within the project can only be achieved through its introduction by other specialists and organizations in the country.

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