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Project: ” Involvement of employers in improvement of work conditions and increase of the number of employed people with disabilities ” is implemented under the Operational Program “Human Resources Development” under the Transnational Partnerships procedure.

The project aims to study the experience of EU countries, to increase the motivation of employers to hire and retain disabled people, as well as to develop new approaches and policies for Bulgaria regarding the organization and working conditions of prevention companies of occupational diseases and disabilities. The social innovation created and its pilot implementation include the inclusion of all stages for the introduction of new practices – research, development, implementation and evaluation.

The project proposal is within the scope of Project 5: to adapt workers and enterprises to EU changes and requirements for socially responsible employers, to improve working conditions for employees, to reduce the risk of occupational diseases and injuries and to increase the number of employees by involving people with disabilities in the labor market.

The partners are piloting and implementing innovative practices aimed at employers to adapt and integrate people with disabilities into work environments and improve working conditions in enterprises, which avoid the risk factors leading to occupational disabilities and illness. Social innovation targeting target groups (employees and employers) in three EU countries – Bulgaria, Belgium and Poland – adds value by introducing a product that benefits organization and enterprise conditions for employees , their complete physical, mental and social well-being. The envisaged training and online social networking platform, which will attract employers and employees with disabilities from across the country, stimulate communication and networking with all stakeholders, provide legal and social information and is a prerequisite for formulating sustainable businesses policies oriented towards the implementation of good practices for the implementation of people with disabilities in the labor market.

This project is in line with the requirements set out in the objectives of HRD OP 2014-2020 and corresponds fully with Priority Axis 4 at the level of its investment priorities and specific objectives, namely: to contribute to the transfer and introduction of social innovations, good practices , partnership approaches to finding solutions to common problems; building specific skills for partnership in the labor market, social inclusion, health, improving working conditions, equal opportunities and non-discrimination. With regard to the specific objective of Project 5, the proposal corresponds to the following: it promotes transnational cooperation in the exchange of experience, good practices and models to increase the number of employees employed in enterprises with the introduction of new systems and practices to improve organization and working conditions.

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