Joint models

Activity 2. Increasing the capacity of partners – joint models for improving employment conditions

The purpose of the activity is to investigate the local problems and needs of employers and businesses regarding the employment of people with disabilities and knowledge and awareness of the professional risk to employees.

The main task is to partner up and summarize specific methods for encouraging employers and increasing their motivation for hiring a disabled person, providing a set of measures and techniques for retaining people with disabilities in the workplace, and improving the conditions of employment. work in organizations for the prevention of occupational diseases and disabilities. The cooperation of the Institute for Change Research (Bulgaria) with the other partners involves the exchange of current definitions and data, sharing of information and experience, which will provide an opportunity for joint partnership work on the development and implementation of the planned innovative practice.

The overall European task of the project is also to increase the employment of people with disabilities by focusing on the introduction of programs for employers and businesses. The partnership project has a transnational plan to increase the growth prospect and the richness of diversity, based on the economic aspect of business and human rights aspects as a social responsibility to leaders.

Partnership exchanges have the task of discussing improving the working conditions of workers through the power of smart innovation – targeted at businesses, summarizing different perspectives on reaching growth-seeking employers and a more inclusive labor market in Bulgaria and the EU. horizontal problem – employees at risk in the labor market: men and women at risk of occupational or already disabled, including occupational / occupational diseases.Thanks to the transnational cooperation It will be possible to develop a solution to help improve the organization and working conditions, as well as increase the number of people with disabilities in enterprises.

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