Network: Employers and employees


An existing group which goal is the cooperation and development of relationships between employers who have employees with occupational disabilities, as well as people with disabilities. Social platform for direct communication and connection.

The tasks of this network are: Development of knowledge and competencies of both parties for cooperation; Building informal sustainable communication between the organizations in our country, facing the problem of “professional disabilities”; Exchange of information and experience; Development of a sense of common belonging, in order to support opportunities for cooperation, desire to establish a network, in order to identify common interests; Exchange of ideas through which added value can be expected.

In the social platform, the members of the network can discuss the following topics: In the presence of employees with occupational disabilities or hiring people with disabilities, employers in our country enjoy significant preferences established by the relevant regulations; Employers who hire people with disabilities have significantly fewer turnover problems; For some activities, workers with disabilities develop, to a large extent, compensatory opportunities, which are a rare quality for the labor force offered on the labor market.

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