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“INSTITUTE FOR THE STUDY OF CHANGE” foundation is a non-profit legal entity for public benefit, which conducts activities in the public interest in accordance with Bulgarian and international law in cooperation with Bulgarian, foreign and international organizations and institutions pursuing related goals and professing related values.

The Foundation carries out activities in the form of research and scientific development and analysis; promoting human morality, charity and charity; works for the development, promotion and preservation of values, helps the development and promotion of civil society; conducts research, analysis and policy development; conducts design, organization and provision of training; works to establish mechanisms and systems for partnership and networking; contributes to the organization of citizens’ initiatives for dialogue with local, regional and central authorities and the formulation of proposals for the optimization of activities that are subject to public competence; act actively to achieve a measurable and positive impact of the social reality in Bulgaria, ensuring the social return on the activities undertaken; supports and supports socially vulnerable persons and their social inclusion.

We at the Institute for the Study of Change Research are committed to creating the preconditions and supporting social integration, personal and professional realization. We conduct research and studies on new processes in society, socio-psychological transformations and reforms, their impact on society, and people’s adaptability to them. We develop measures, approaches and skills to support and change our personality. Our aim is to develop certain attitudes and attitudes towards research and to enhance the professional qualifications of those working in the fields of research, education, youth, civil rights and public policies. We are engaged in dissemination of new knowledge, stimulation of technological entrepreneurship, realization of innovative products.

The Institute is experienced in activities related to the implementation of social experiments, the introduction and evaluation of innovative social practices. We work with different sections of the Bulgarian society on socially significant issues. We have experience in conducting social experiments related to the participation of young people, developing and implementing youth practices, research, analysis and more.

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