Overall objective: To develop a transnational partnership to exchange experience in creating and introducing social innovation to improve the organization and working conditions of enterprises and increase the number of people with disabilities in the labor market.

Specific objectives:

  • To study new practices for the applicant and Bulgaria, models, approaches for increasing the knowledge of employers for inclusion of people with disabilities in the working environment;
  • Provide a range of measures and techniques to encourage employers to retain jobs and hire new disabled people;
  • To study the methods of educating employers about the prevention of various types of occupational injuries and diseases;
  • Investigate local problems and needs of employers and businesses regarding the recruitment of people with disabilities, their knowledge and awareness of occupational risk in employees;
  • To develop the development of a new method for engaging employers in the employment of people with disabilities and improving the organization and working conditions for reducing the risk of occupational diseases and disabilities;
  • Apply a pilot test instrument to local conditions;
  • To measure and evaluate the efficiency and accountability, efficiency and quality of the implementation of the set project goals and activities;
  • To inform all interested parties about the approved and implemented innovative techniques;
  • Establish a network of communication channels for the exchange of information and coordination between business and people with disabilities.
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