External evaluation

The evidence gathered during the evaluation of the effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, accountability and quality of the project implementation, outlines the following picture:

  • The exchanged experience and the transferred knowledge have undoubtedly enriched the team of the Foundation and have increased the capacity of all participants in the project.
  • A new system, practices and tools have been introduced for the development of human resources and increasing the number of employees in the country;
  • The active inclusion of unemployed and vulnerable groups of people is encouraged and tools for active participation and better employability of people with disabilities have been developed;
  • Active social inclusion and equal opportunities for vulnerable groups are provided.
  • Networks and groups of stakeholders have been established by institutions and specialists, working on the problems of people with disabilities and the social inclusion of the vulnerable groups included in the project;
  • The capacity of the candidate and other stakeholders has been increased, as the participants are prepared to implement at the same time the principles of social justice and the opportunities for equal inclusion;
  • The partnership within the communities and institutions has been increased and the added value and sustainability of the innovations has been achieved by integrating them into the activities and practices of the stakeholders;
  • An innovative contribution has been made to the formulation of an effective and efficient policies on a national level for people with disabilities
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