Activity 4. Assess the feasibility and results achieved

The purpose of the activity is to trace the logical link between what is included in the Application Form and its actual implementation. The foreseen evaluation is aimed at the efficiency and accountability, efficiency and quality of the implementation of the set project goals and activities. In terms of efficiency, the key questions are how successful the innovative practices are, whether they have achieved their goals, what their positive and negative impacts are. Efficiency assessment allows assessing how resources are allocated and used and whether the costs incurred are adequate. In assessing the quality of performance, the important problems of the evaluation relate to the effective functioning of the project structure, the proper objectives set, the assurance of quality results, the observance of time schedules, etc.

The applicant accepts that the foreseen evaluation, which will be implemented by an external contractor, is first and foremost a development tool. The feedback from the introduction of practices and recommendations is helpful for the validation of the models and mechanisms put in place. The key questions to be answered in the evaluation are in line with the need to rethink and improve national policies. The practical benefit of the evaluation will be guaranteed by the recommendations presented to improve the programs and approaches to achieve the long- and short-term objectives of the project and the Applicant. Beneficiaries of the evaluation will also be the target groups, who will take advantage of new opportunities to develop their potential and improve their organization and working conditions. At the same time, the improved innovation policies and practices will make a significant contribution to the overall qualitative improvement of the human resources capacity, which has been accepted as a strategic priority in the development of Bulgaria.

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