Cooperation network

Activity 6. Network for development and cooperation

The purpose of the activity is to create prerequisites for building communication channels for information exchange and coordination between business and people with disabilities. Although many organizations understand the importance of keeping people with disabilities at work and increasing job opportunities for people with disabilities, employers, and people with disabilities themselves, face significant challenges and barriers. There are no platforms where employers and people with disabilities can easily and informally meet, as well as employers to communicate with each other and exchange experiences and solutions to emergent cases.

Integration of people with disabilities is a two-way process, and access to the labor market must be seen as a responsibility of both parties. In most cases, removing physical barriers to people with disabilities is a minor issue. The big problem is that most managers do not know where, how, or are afraid to communicate with people with disabilities, and they are the first to be met by job applicants. In the current economic situation, the business suffers from a lack of well-trained and motivated staff to quickly adapt to the new requirements of the market. People with disabilities are part of the untapped market for people with different skills at different levels. On the other hand, customers are becoming more demanding, and companies need to meet their needs. Numerous studies show that diverse, heterogeneous teams encourage creativity, innovation and better decision-making. People with disabilities can contribute to the diversity of thought because they bring a fresh perspective and thus contribute to workplace innovation.

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